Everything You Need to Know About Moving Quotes

You may well feel that once you’ve made the decision to go with a removal company to assist with your move to SW18, that you’re working in this particular area is over. However, with a host of removal companies available, common thought often goes one of two ways. Either you feel it’s a daunting prospect sifting through the many removal companies and their various quotes, or you feel each company is practically identical. The former, with the necessary preparation, shouldn’t be an issue and the latter couldn’t be further from the truth. Below are some tips on how to get removal quotes and what to look out for when searching for quotes.

Firstly, there a number of comparison websites and these can offer local removal services Wandsworth for you. Much like with car insurance and mortgage comparison sites that are widely advertised, the same exists for SW18 removal companies. These websites will often take your moving date, old and new property postcodes as well as some basic information about your house (usually number of bedrooms to determine size) to try and marry you with suitable companies who are available when you need them. These websites can be very useful for finding local Wandsworth removal companies, but as with other comparison websites in other markets, may offer you a slightly more expensive package as a result of their convenience. The best way to go about finding your company would be to search through one of these directories then contact the company directly.

However, just because you’ve found a host of quotes doesn’t mean that you’re any closer to knowing which one is the most suitable for you. Firstly, it is important to look into the small print at the insurance that each removal company will offer you. Most full-scale removal companies will offer insurance (when compared with man and van services, for example, which may not) but the fine print will tell you how comprehensive the insurance is and how much they will be willing to reimburse you. Comprehensive insurance will not only cover you if the absolute worst does occur but will force the removal company themselves to be as careful as is possible with your belongings to cover their own costs. This works out doubly in your advantage.

Furthermore, it is vitally important to give your SW18 removal company as much information as is humanly possible. They will not only need to know the size of your house to estimate how long the process may take but will need to know about any particularly out of the ordinary items you may own (piano etc) and any items that may prove more difficult to get into and out of the house. By giving them all this information you are not only able to judge who you believe to be up to the task but also increase the accuracy of the quote you are offered. Said quotes will either be in an hourly, per mile moved or flat out per day format – so a little bit of mental maths might be required by you to find out which offers the most value.

Ultimately, online removal quotes have their benefits and drawbacks. Though a personal, face to face quote establishes a relationship and is usually a bit more accurate (and often free!), you will never be able to call out as many firms to your home as you can find online. This method will tell you what firms are available for your specific moving date and helps streamline the process of finding the perfect removal company.

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