Benefits of Hiring Man and Van Service for Your Relocation

Generally speaking, removal companies are the first service people think of when it comes to moving home. However, if you’re relocating from within the London area to Harringay and don’t have a specially large amount of items to move, then it’s worth considering a man and a van. Even for a larger move, a man and a van can be useful to have on standby or as an extra bit of help for your removal company. Here are some tips on how and why such a service might be preferable for your move to move to the N4, N8, or N15 area.

How much stuff are you moving?

Depending on whether you have to move a large family home or one-bedroom flat’s worth of goods, you’ll need something that fits with your needs. A man and a van service really come into its own if your move is fairly small and from within the London area. The main advantage this service offers to a small move is the flexibility of pricing – you are generally only charged by the hour, and will most likely complete your move fairly quickly so won’t be paying for a service you don’t need. Having said that, an extra van and pair of hands can be very helpful in big moves too. If you’re running behind or need to get some things moved outside of your removal companies business hours, then a man and a van is a great back up to have available.


Even a meticulously planned Harringay move can have problems, and this is another area where planning ahead by having a man and a van on standby can be a lifesaver. A man and a van will often happily accept short term contracts, whether a few hours or few days, so their services are perfect for last minute emergencies and transport. Most of the time, they will only charge you for the time you hire them, not flat rates for a day, so use this to your advantage, as you will have a degree of flexibility not generally available from removal companies.

Extra help

In addition to flexibility, you also get someone to help you load and unload your items. This can often be preferable to simply hiring a van yourself, as you won’t have the hassle of driving as well as loading, which gives you more energy to focus on unpacking once you have arrived. There is often a lot of paper work involved in hiring your own van too, and this can be time-consuming in addition to costly. Hiring a Harringay man with a van bypasses these issues entirely.

Transporting valuables

Sometimes, no matter how professional a removal company is, you want to keep a close eye on very valuable belongings and pack them, yourself. Using a man and a van for this aspect of your move can allow you to do just that, and give you peace of mind. You could for example, leave the bulk of the household goods to the removal company, and use the man and a van for the delicate and valuable goods, as well as essentials you’ll need when you arrive. You also have the additional bonus of being driven there. Most removal companies won’t have room for you to travel with them, and it’s generally best to leave them to do the loading themselves, as they are professional and fast. A man and van will help you get things packed quickly and professionally, and you can travel with any especially valuable items and unload them yourself.

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