How to Unpack Efficiently After Moving to Knightsbridge

So you have packed and moved to your new place in Knightsbridge successfully, but now the real question is how to efficiently unpack your things without messing them up after relocation. At first it might sound like a tedious job, but we believe we can walk you through it with these simple steps that can help you unpack professionally.

Where to start from
While unpacking, you might have an urge to unpack everything and get it settled right away. However, you can spare yourself from this hectic task if you keep these two points in your mind:

a.    It isn’t really necessary to unpack everything in a day; you should take your time.

b.    Make the process fun by involving friends and relatives to help you out.

Make a plan and start unpacking accordingly. You may focus on one room at a time. It would be advisable to deposit all the boxes in their designated rooms for a clutter free unpacking and you may take help from your hired man and van for unloading of the goods in Knightsbridge, SW1.

First things first
Find your moving checklist first. It would be with you already or ask the moving company you hired in SW3 to provide you with one. Next, unpack the box that you labelled as “essentials”; it would be amongst the first few boxes that are unloaded from the truck. This box should contain everything that you would need for the first few days. So, it would be wise to fill this box according to your utmost necessity.

Unpack the kitchen
Start unpacking the kitchen. The boxes should be marked appropriately while packing so it won’t be a hassle while unpacking in the SW7 area, and you would know exactly as to where each of your possessions should be placed. It is suggested that you line up the cupboards first, so that you can start using your crockery and other things. If that isn’t possible, start unpacking the larger appliances and hook them up. Unpack the smaller appliances to use too if they make your life a little easier – like a coffee maker or a toaster.

Call you friends home
Friends are always helpful and fun to be with. Ask a few close friends to come over and help you out with the major tasks like putting together the bedroom. Unpack the required things and use their help to assemble the smaller closets, mattresses and in moving furniture. Enjoy an evening with coffee while unpacking the living room components. Keep checking your inventory list to keep track of what all things you have unpacked.

Unpack the bathroom goods
You need to tackle the bathroom now. If you are a couple, consider handling the master bathroom your home in Knightsbridge first. If you have a large family then it is advisable to start with the common bathroom. Make sure that the plumbing works; you may need to turn on the main tap knob and then put toiletries in place. Keep the contact number of a local plumber handy just in case. You never know when you might need it.

Take a rest and start again
Once you have unpacked the most important things that you might need in the immediate future, take some time out to enjoy your new space. Enjoy the neighbourhood and find time out each day or maybe on the weekend to get your job done. Unpacking has to be done with utmost care and patience so indulging in breaks is advised. If you didn’t find the time to declutter while packing, you can always do it while unpacking your things and disposing them with the necessary measures. While unpacking, if you find things worth donating to charity, set them aside and give them to a nearby charity organization.

If you are using the services of a removal company, you can always ask them to handle the unpacking of all the goods and furniture. This means that you can meet up with the new neighbours while the movers get your new house in order.

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