Tips and Tricks For Breaking the Mobile Self Storage Code inIslington

Mobile self storage units are a new find in the removals industry in Islington. So how does this really work? It is simple: A wood container arrives at your door step and you fill the container. This is then moved to a bigger storage unit and stored as long as you decide to. These boxes are generally weatherproof and are excellent as a cheap removal option. Here is what one must consider while using this option:

•    Firm packaging – Try to use same-size containers/boxes as it will be easier to stack them in the storage unit. The sturdier the boxes, the better. A lot of container companies in the N1 region also offer re-usable boxes for hire. Individually wrap fragile items like crockery to avoid any sort of damage. Use air cushions, bubble wrap and even rags to snuggle pack the precious things. Pack the heaviest things in small boxes as it will be easier to manoeuvre them. Do not stuff the boxes to the brim; leave some space so that you can add old newspapers, towels, etc. for support. Use trolleys to move the boxes.

•    Label on the go – Make sure to add relevant labels to the boxes. Make a separate section for fragile boxes so that they are left untouched. Keep boxes with the same things in one place so that they are easily identifiable. This will also help you prioritise unpacking. Keep a removal checklist handy to match the items that go inside the container.

•     Storing appliances – Defrost the fridge first. Leave it open for some time to avoid the pungent smell. You may consider using refrigerator fresheners before packing.  Dishwashers, oven, microwave, washing machine, etc. must be moisture free. Once the container reaches the storage place, leave the doors of the appliances slightly ajar. This prevents condensation and mould formation. All removal service providers in Islington, N1 swear by this method as well. Electrical appliances must be stored in their original boxes, if possible.

•    Packing furniture and upholstery – All your upholstered furniture shall need covers. It will be a good investment to pack them in fit-to-size all weather covers. Alternatively, one may also choose to use old duvets, bed covers and sheets for a cheap removal solution. Firmly wrap the couch and chairs first; then provide some support using easily available frames. Mattresses must be placed on a protective sheet and be stored long side down. Dismantling the furniture can save a lot of space and also be more effective. You can use furniture drawers to store fragile stuff.

•    Hiring a moving company – Removal services in NW1 have come of age and are technology driven. They barcode the boxes as relevantly as possible and give you a printed list there and then. That saves you the time to write down each of them painstakingly. Removals and storage service come in together in Islington in most of the cases. A professionally trained consultant comes in to access the capacity of the container needed, calculate the price and assure you of the fact that they will take care of the goods. They also suggest insurance which proves to be handy. The trailer comes with a manual lock and/or a pin combination lock. Most of these options come with GPS tracking as well. So don’t hesitate and test the waters before making any decision. 

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