Terms and Conditions


This document outlines the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved in the Agreement. The term 'you' or 'your' refers to the User, and 'we', 'us', 'our', or 'ours' refers to the Company, London Removals Ltd.

1. Our Quotation

1.1 Unless specified, our quote excludes insurance, custom duties, inspections, or taxes to government bodies.
1.2 Additional charges may apply for delayed service, parking fees, extra services, or change of delivery place.
1.3 A 20% V.A.T. rate will be applied to the final cost.
1.4 Costs are calculated hourly, with a minimum service time of 2 hours (1 hour for packing). Additional charges apply for services outside M25 or congestion zones.
1.4.1 Charges are calculated from arrival at the stated address until unloading at the target address.
1.4.2 A 2-hour booking period (or 3 hours with 3 movers) is mandatory. Payments are processed upon service completion.

2. Work Not Included in Quote

Our services do not include disassembly/assembly, floor plan changes, or moving items without proper conditions.

3. Your Responsibility

You must disclose goods' value, provide insurance, obtain necessary permissions, be present during service, and offer accurate information for an accurate quotation. You are responsible for parking arrangements; otherwise, extra costs apply.

4. Goods We Do Not Move or Store

We do not move prohibited items, valuable goods, perishables, living things, or items requiring controlled environments. You must arrange their transportation and storage; failure to collect within a reasonable time frame incurs disposal costs.

5. Ownership of Goods

You confirm that the goods are yours or you're authorized to handle them. You're liable for damages if this statement is false.

6. Charges for Cancellation/Postponement

Cancellation with 24 hours' notice incurs no charge; less than 24 hours' notice incurs up to 50% of the quoted amount.

7. Payment Terms

Payment in advance is mandatory. A 4% daily interest applies for overdue payments. Full payment is due upon service completion, payable by cash or card with a 2% credit card charge.

8. Our Liability for Damage or Loss

Our liability is limited. In case of negligence, we're liable up to £150 for the first claim; for claims beyond, we pay the minimum repair/replacement cost, up to £40 per item. Additional liability can be arranged upon agreement.

9. Property/Premise Damage

Our liability is limited concerning property damage beyond the items for removal.

10. Exclusions of Liability

We're not responsible for unforeseeable events, wear and tear, unpacked items' damage, electrical/mechanical derangement, or items listed in Clause 4.

11. Limitation Periods for Claims

Claims must be reported in writing at the time of delivery or within 7 days afterward.

12. Delays in Transit

We're not liable for delays due to unforeseeable circumstances. Delayed or uncompleted delivery results in storage; additional costs are your responsibility.

13. Our Claim on Your Goods (Lien)

We can withhold/dispose of goods until all charges are paid, and you're responsible for storage costs during this period.

14. Disputes

Irresolvable disputes will be referred to a third-party arbitrator, whose expenses will be determined by the arbitrator.

15. Subcontracting Our Work

We can subcontract services; terms and conditions remain applicable.

16. Applicable Law

This contract abides by the law of the country where our office issuing the contract is located.

17. Inventory of Items

Our provided inventory list is valid unless discrepancies are reported within 10 days.

18. Storage Charges Changes

Changes in storage charges will be notified three months in advance.

19. Our Right to Dispose of Your Goods

If payment obligations aren't met, we can dispose of/sell items. Excess funds after sale will be refunded without interest; remaining debts are your responsibility.

20. Termination

Contract termination requires three months' notice in writing. If you wish to terminate, ten working days' notice is required.