Top Packaging Tips to Help Avoid Damage

The main reason that the box is more popular than the bag in the removals process is because of its strong shape. The angles of a box are consistent with many of the uses for the box that are needed in the removals process. These include being easy to carry by hand, as well as sturdy to place on a flat surface, and therefore, much easier to stack, which is a great way to save space in a van while transporting your belongings. The issues with these boxes however, all come from part of their appeal. Cardboard boxes Ilford are usually delivered unfolded, in a flat pack situation, which means that they are extremely easy to store, but the issue lies in making them up. If you do not build up a box adequately, and stick it securely with tape, then you may find that the tape fails, and that the box’s structure is compromised, meaning that your items are in danger. You may well find, if this happens, that the bottom of a box falls open whilst it is being carried, and seeing as no one suspects that such a thing would happen, it is quite unpreventable if it does, even if being carried by the most experienced of removals men. Should the tape fail while a box is in transit, because of the vibrations caused by the van, and the box is part of a stack, then the box will likely twist out of shape, which will mean that it is no longer an adequate surface for the box above to sit on, meaning that the whole stack will fall down. It can be that this sort of disaster causes a domino effect, by which the knock on effect of all of the boxes falling will cause other boxes to fall. If the whole van is filled with your items, then the combined force of the boxes falling on them can mean that a lot of your possessions are broken, which can be a difficult thing to deal with.

The most common reason that these sorts of issues can happen is because of buying less than perfect boxes, mainly second hand ones, that have been used before. These boxes may well have been knocked about a bit by their previous owner, and will therefore be more likely to have creases in the straight edges, which can cause twisting without the tape coming undone. If tape has been ripped from the cardboard of an older box, then the surface can become furry and less easy for any new tape to adhere to. This can cause all of the problems with tape failure that have been mentioned above. The risks involved in buying second hand boxes are not really worth the potential savings, because the savings are not a huge amount in comparison with the potential costs of a box failing on you, especially when twinned with the fact that cheap or free second hand boxes often require a lot of organization to pick up, or you may find that they are not available in the quantities that you want. So why go to all that bother to save yourself maybe fifty quid, when you may well lose that much if one box opens up when it isn’t meant to?

Hopefully our rant against second hand boxes will convince you to buy sturdy Ilford moving boxes to avoid damage!

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