Moving House to Westminister - Things to Do before the Moving Day

Posted on 03/11/2020

Things to Do Before Moving Your House or Office

Getting to grips with moving is stress that no one wants to deal with. You may be extremely excited to get in to your new place, that took so long to find and secure, but the idea of packing everything that you own in to boxes in order to get it all across town to the new property is enough to put anyone off the idea! There is help at hand however, we have compiled some of our cleverest hints and tips to give you a head start on moving house to Westminister, making the whole process calm, quick and easy.

Start early in order to make everything a lot smoother. Planning your move in advance is all well and good, but if you leave things to the last minute then you will likely find yourself rushed and panicked by the last week before the move. Getting things started early is no bad thing, just don’t pack everything up and then realize that you still have a month to go, and you still need to use most of the stuff that you packed up! Begin by selecting those bits and pieces that you will not be needing at the new house, and having a yard sale of a car boot, and get them all priced nice and low, so that they all sell. This will clear out most of your junk, and make you a bit of money, so win-win! With more special items, like antiques of collectables, you may want to put them online. There are many collectors of such things that will give you a fair price on auction sites like eBay, and you can often find out how much things are worth by enquiring on the appropriate online forum. Many experts are active on such websites and will give you some help if your item is of interest to them.

Choose your removals company for how suitable they are for you. There is little point in hiring a firm who have great recommendations and a large team, but who will cost you an arm and a leg, if you are just moving out of a small two-bed flat! Get to know how much stuff you will be shifting, and how many helpers you will need. You may even decide that a man and a van is all you need to hire, and only for a couple of hours at that! Ringing up these companies will give you a good idea as to what service you need, but be wary of them talking you in to parting with more money than you need to. Do your research and they will have a hard time driving your price up, giving you the best chance of a fair deal.

Make checks on the new place before you move. This kind of provision will prevent any major upsets when you move in. Having the boiler tested by a corgi approved professional will let you know that your heating and water supply is all well and good, and getting the kitchen appliances looked over will prevent against accidents or problems like gas leaks or a broken fridge. Have any major work done before the move, so that you can do things without all of your belongings getting in the way or getting messed up by dust or paint etcetera, that way you will move all of your belongings in to a beautiful, fresh feeling new house, ready to start a new life in!

We wish you every bit of luck with your move and your new place!

John Owen
John Owen

John, an expert in organizing home and office removals, serves as a skilled removals manager with a wealth of experience. His proficiency allows him to meticulously organize moves that perfectly align with the unique requirements of clients.