Moving into a Bigger Home in the W11 Area

Posted on 02/11/2020

Key Tips for Moving into a Bigger Home

Few people, in the current climate, are able to afford to move into a bigger house, though many of us wish we could out of necessity, it isn’t always easy to do.  If you can afford to buy a bigger home in the W11 area and am considering doing so, then there are some other things that you need to consider before making the final decision to put your house on the market and move to a bigger house.

One of the first things that you should consider is that if you move into a bigger house, you will have more room for your stuff, and if you are moving from a small house, you may not have that much stuff. This may mean that your new home will feel empty once you have moved your belongings into it which might result in you deciding to buy more furniture and objects to fill this extra space.  The last thing you should do is go impulse buying, as much as you may want to so you can settle into your home, it is likely that you will regret doing this as you may end up replacing these impulse buys once you realise you don’t actually like them or want them.  Try to be patient when it comes to buying new things for your home, consider what you want the decor to be like and ensure you buy things that fit in with this idea, it doesn’t matter if your home isn’t full of things for a while, you can still settle in.

Another thing you should consider is that whilst you may want to throw out some of your old furniture and buy new ones for your new property, as you will most likely have to buy additional furniture anyway this isn’t the best idea.  It makes much more sense to move into your new home with the furniture that you have, and then when you do buy more perhaps this furniture can be used in another room or for another purpose.

Living in a larger house is going to make it more difficult to keep the home a nice temperature, and this should be taken into account.  It may mean you having to have the heating on higher or more frequently than you will have needed to in your old home, which will directly affect how much you are paying to heat your home. This is especially going to affect you during the winter months.  The best thing you can do is to attain previous heating bills to understand how much this is going to impact you, some other thing you can do are ensuring the house is insulated properly and if it is not contact the council to request to have your free cavity wall insulation installed.

Not only will your new home be more difficult and cost more to heat, but it will also cost more to run on a day to day basis.  You can expect an increase in things like your electricity bills, water bills etc.  With more rooms to the home, there will be more light bulbs, more electrical devices plugged in constantly etc. and all this will increase your energy bills.  Again one thing that you can do is get a copy of the recent bills for the home and see how much more you could be paying, also try to do things like install energy saving light bulbs and buy energy efficient appliances.

Do you have enough curtains for all the windows in your home?  When you move into your new home you will want some privacy from the neighbours, furthermore, you don’t want open windows showing opportunistic thieves all of your lovely possessions, therefore you will want to hang curtains ASAP.

John Owen
John Owen

John, an expert in organizing home and office removals, serves as a skilled removals manager with a wealth of experience. His proficiency allows him to meticulously organize moves that perfectly align with the unique requirements of clients.