Easy Steps to Successful House Removal

The area of NW2 in north London includes Dollis Hill, Neasden, Cricklewood, Willesden and Childs Hill. Moving to London is many people’s dream and their idea of having a better life and much more opportunities. It’s true that London is such a big city that there is always something happening and a chance for everyone to make a living. However, before you settle down you need to make sure that you have an easy and smooth relocation which requires proper organization. Moving house might have already turned into everyday activity in the 21st century, but this doesn’t make it any less stressful or hectic.

These are the steps which will help you have a successful house move to north London and a chance to start fresh and have a better life.

• Start early: Starting early with the preparation of the relocation means making sure that you are well-prepared and ready for the moving day. If you think you have plenty of time, think again – the time is never enough when you need to shift your entire household to another city or area. The more you manage to pack the week before the moving day, the easier the relocation will go – there is no doubt about that. Write down a checklist and a budget list. Take the inventory and plan what packing material you will need.

• Investing smartly: If you’ve decided to hire a van for the moving day, don’t make the mistake of choosing a really cheap option. The result will be you and your family lifting heavy boxes and furniture without any proper assistance. There is a lot of hard labour when it comes to moving house and without professional help, it’s virtually impossible to manage within a reasonable timeframe and without injuring yourself. Hire a van that has a tail-lift. This is an invaluable addition especially when you need to load the heavy and large furniture pieces and the major appliances. Make sure you have at least two dollies for the moving day. Heavy-duty trolleys can save the day too – you can hire one just for the moving day. Don’t forget that you need to think of your safety too – heavy lifting and carrying will be a strenuous job and after a few hours you will be completely exhausted.

• The other transport: You need to make good use of your own vehicle and transport as much as you can – valuable items, essential boxes, fragile items, personal documents, some of the electronics. Don’t risk packing valuables for the moving van as accidents do happen on the road and something might get damaged. Use the back seat to its full advantage and don’t forget the boxes with essential items for the first few days after the relocation.

• Box clever: Bigger is not better when it comes to packing various items in moving boxes. The smaller the cardboard boxes are, the more compact and manageable the packing process will be. Moreover, smaller boxes are sturdier and can hold heavier items easily. You could look for boxes which even have handles.

• Tape it: The packing tape you use to seal the moving boxes has to be at least two inches wide and a strong one. Buy a brown roll or a duck roll (the more expensive one).

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