Top Tips for Packing in Camden like An Expert

Posted on 08/06/2015

Expert Tips on How to Pack in Camden

Hiring a removals company in Camden for professional packing services is the easy route to getting your packing out of the way, but it costs money. And, many companies charge a lot for these kinds of services. Instead of paying over the odds, have you ever thought about giving it a try yourself? Thanks to these amazing tips, you can learn how to pack your belongings like you’ve been doing it for years, to make your removals easy and straightforward. You will change your life with these tips because you can use them every time you need to pack. Good packing is a must for any move because it prevents any damages.

1.    Get quality materials
Start by getting together all your packing materials and make sure you get sturdy boxes. Getting high-quality packing supplies in Camden, NW1 is a good investment because, one, it keeps your items safe whilst they are being moved around and left in transit, and two, you can use them again if you move again. So it works out well. Now you are ready to get packing!

2.    Filling small and big boxes
For heavier items, pack them in smaller boxes and for lighter items, pack them in larger boxes. This way, you won’t have any problems. Often, when people pack heavy items in large boxes, they pack a lot of stuff, and it all falls through in the end.

3.    Pad out fragile things
For your fragile items like ornaments and glasses etc., make sure you don’t just place them in boxes as they are or with minor packaging. You must pack them well using paper and bubble wrap, or you can even you use clean socks and clothing. Any material you can find that will fill fragile items and wrap them well can be used.

4.    Place plates on their side
As for plates, don’t pack them flat. They need to be packed on their side, with padding between each two plates, so none of them get smashed. The more padding the better.

5.    Fill in gaps
Don’t let there be any gaps in any of your boxes. When movers load, unload and carry boxes, they should not rattle. If they do, it means gaps have not been filled and it also could be a disaster for the belongings within them. So fill in gaps – with anything really.

6.    Get artwork professionally moved
If you have any expensive artwork and paintings in your home in N1, don’t try moving them yourself. Hire professionals to move them for you, to prevent any accidents.

7.    Tape up
Make sure you tape up your boxes well and do it a few times if you have to. You want your boxes to be taped up really well so that they are safe during the journey and won’t fall apart. The best kind of tape to use is a roll of big brown tape. This will be sturdier.

8.    Label up
Don’t forget to label up all of your boxes! This is a must! Yet, a lot of people forget to do it and this causes so much stress when they arrive at their new property in WC1. Don’t let yourself get into this nightmare. Label each box according to items or rooms.

Packing doesn’t have to be too tricky and these steps prove that to you. So instead of getting stressed out with removals and packing in Camden, chill out and let moving in London be an enjoyable and exciting experience. With these handy tips, you can pack like a pro and those skills will stick for life. 

John Owen
John Owen

John, an expert in organizing home and office removals, serves as a skilled removals manager with a wealth of experience. His proficiency allows him to meticulously organize moves that perfectly align with the unique requirements of clients.