Choosing the Right Moving Boxes

Moving house or flat n Soho is quite an involved process that requires a certain amount of careful planning. One of the main tasks to undertake before the moving day is packing smaller items inboxes. And herein lies one of the biggest problems we face when moving: finding not only enough boxes to cover your needs but finding the right ones! You may be wondering 'Well, a box is a box isn't it?', but there's far more to it than meets the eye. You may not be aware, but there are a huge range of boxes available and there are a whole range that are specifically designed for packing and moving. So before you hop on down to your local supermarket to pick up a few spare boxes, read on and think carefully before you do!

Moving boxes do exist! But what makes them so different from your local supermarket box? Their boxes are quite simple and therefore not as strong. They usually only have one corrugated wall of cardboard which can often be quite thin. These boxes are also second hand and therefore may already have signs of wear and tear. The moving process in Soho, W1 can be arduous and the last thing you need is a box splitting open or breaking during loading or whilst travelling in the moving van, turning your expensive china set into a pile of broken pieces! Even the smallest amount of crumpled cardboard or a small tear can compromise the sturdiness of a cardboard box. Don't forget, you may have to carry these boxes over long distances up and down stairs or through car parks, so you'll be needing strong and reliable boxes to make the process easier.

So what is so special about moving boxes? They can often have double corrugated walls for extra sturdiness, much better than the supermarket boxes. They are also assigned what is known as an ECT rating. ECT stands for Edge Crush Testing which, as it sounds, is a rating for the box's strength. The higher the rating, the stronger the box. Having a higher ECT, especially in the higher ranges, can lead to the box costing more than the weaker ones, but you need to be able to judge just how vital it is to have a stronger strength of box. When packing heavy items, it will always be beneficial to have the very best strongbox for the job.

Moving boxes also come in a standard set of sizes too. This is to help with the loading process whether you are using a van or a lorry in the WC1 area. By having a standard set of box sizes, you will be able to monitor and control the way you load and stack boxes in the removal van. This system is designed to make loading faster, easier and safer. If you instead go to the supermarket and put together a motley crew of odd-shaped boxes, you'll most likely have a hard time tessellating them around inside the back of van. Stacking can also become a difficult and often tricky task, and if a pile becomes unstable it can become dangerous.

Moving companies in the W1 region often encourage the use of standard moving boxes and may often provide them too. It makes life easier for everyone so that loading and unloading becomes a doddle! Purchasing a whole range of proper moving cardboard boxes for your move in Soho can cost more than simply collecting second-hand boxes, but the benefits, in the long run, can help out a great deal. By using new, strong and stable boxes, your items will be guaranteed a safer journey in transit. Packing and loading because a safer easier task and unloading can make a far less arduous mission.