Moving Houses In Notting Hill, London

Posted on 11/11/2014

How to Moving Houses In Notting Hill, London

London is a big city with a transient population and pocket of affordable residences dispersed among posh ones. No matter where you come from, you are bound to enjoy your stay in London. However, if you are moving house in Notting Hill, London, it could be a bit tricky, not to mention, cumbersome experience if you don’t have the right removals company for the job. Here are a few pointers you might want to keep in mind before you look for London removals firms that meet your requirements.

1.    Go local
Notting Hill is a complex urban sprawl that new people might find a bit difficult to navigate. As such it is a good idea to hire a local removal service for the job, since they are likely to have an understanding of the area. Some areas experience high traffic during certain periods during the day, a London moving company will know how to plan the route so that heavy traffic can be avoided. Their local knowledge of the W10 area back roads will also come in handy if you have to re-route your journey due to unforeseen closures or municipality work.

2.    Shop for options
There are a number of removals companies in the W11 district that offer a variety of packages. Have a look around to see which one fits your needs best. Usually the companies’ websites will list the kind of services they provide and the areas they offer them to. If you do not have the time to call and arrange for a quote with the companies individually, you could refer to different comparison sites to get instant quotes from removal companies. You can also use these sites to check the firms’ credentials and customer feedback. Sometimes you can also get cheap removals quotes if you use these sites to contact the movers.

3.    Extra costs
The last thing you want at the end of the moving day is to be handed a bill amounting more than what was quoted earlier. This is why it is necessary to clarify what the quote includes. Two things you must especially ask for are parking permit requirements and congestion charges. Clarify with the company if these charges are included and who is arranging these, if they are required. Parking permits are usually free if you inform the local authorities beforehand, but this may not be something the removals company takes care of for you.

4.    City events that might cause diversions
London is a thriving, busy city that always has some event or the other going on throughout the year. Before you set a date for the move to Notting Hill, you should check the calendar to see if there are any major events that might hinder a smooth transit from your old home to the new one. Events such as the Notting Hill Carnival, the London Marathon and others may cause miles of roads to be closed off or traffic jams in certain areas. A local removals company in the W11 will be aware of these hindrances and will know how to work around them. You must also check with the local council to see on which days, if at all, the local market is organized in your area. These days might see a lot of traffic on your street and it might be difficult to maneuver a big truck or van then. Best to avoid booking your move on those days.

John Owen
John Owen

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