Importance Of Labelling When Packing Your Items for Move

Moving house to Bromley is a stressful time – why not do everything you can to make it a little easier? Labelling is an aspect of the moving process which is often overlooked but should definitely be at the top of your moving checklist! It can save yourself, as well as your man and van service, a lot of time and effort in the long run - meaning that you can spend your first hours in your new home organised and relaxed.
Here are some invaluable tips to make sure your boxes are labelled in the best way to prepare you and your removal company to unload your belongings in the most efficient manner:

Fragile items
Label boxes that need to be stored and moved particularly carefully, in order to ensure that your moving company in Bromley, BR1 knows how to handle your delicate items. It is also useful in this situation to label your fragile boxes with an arrow showing which way up they should be stored in order to avoid damage.

Label boxes on both sides
Labelling boxes on the top is pointless once they are in a piled stack as you will then be unable to see what you have written. Labelling each of your boxes on two sides means that you are more likely to be able to see your label in a full removal van, therefore saving you time.

Allocate boxes to each room
Unpacking the removal van in BR1 will be made a lot easier if you know which box needs to go in which room of your house, e.g. kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. Some people choose to number each box; others use different coloured stickers as a signal for a different room – which system you decide to use it up to you.

List the type of item in each box
Knowing what items are in each box will save a lot of time when you are searching for something in particular. Labelling a brief description of the contents of each box will also enable you to decide how much storage space you need for particular categories of items – such as clothes. If, when packing, you had to place items from the same collection in different boxes (such as crockery), number these boxes so that you can keep the set together and are able to see quickly whether anything is missing.

Everyone knows the day of moving house is chaotic, and you don’t need the extra stress of not being able to find your toothbrush in amongst the rest of your belongings. Label your ‘essentials’ boxes: one for the kitchen with cutlery, plates, a kettle, tea and coffee etc., and another with more personal items such as your toothbrush and toothpaste, bedclothes, shower gel and something to wear the next day. Little details like these will ensure that you start your first official day in your new home in Bromley fresh and ready to unpack.

Heavy Boxes
If a box is particularly heavy, or you think it would be safer for two people to carry it – label it! Labelling heavier boxes reduces the risk of injury, and also means your possessions are less likely to be dropped and broken.

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