How to Prepare For Packing and Moving to Wimbledon

One of the most arduous and mundane tasks when it comes to preparing for any type of removal job into Wimbledon, is the process of packing up your possessions and preparing them for the move. Nobody really wants to do it, and people tend to keep finding excuses to put it off until a later date; but leave it too late and you’ll find yourself in a mess, panicking and wishing you’d got round to it sooner. There are plenty of things you must take into account when packing because after all, it’s not as simple as just shoving things into boxes and carrying them into a removal van; do this and you’ll most likely end up with a lot of broken items when you begin unpacking. So follow our advice and make sure that you have covered everything when it comes to packaging up your items securely.

1.    Firstly, get yourself enough packing materials.
Spend a good amount of money on packing materials. What you think might be too expensive or too much will be keeping your items secure whilst their being transported to your new place in Wimbledon, SW20. Get foams and wraps to give your items some padding and get plenty of plastic boxes; much better than flimsy cardboard boxes, plastic is sturdy, easy to carry and is far less likely to break.

2.    Start packing as soon as possible.
It does take a lot of time to pack up your belongings. Combine this with the fact that you’d have plenty of other things to be getting on with during this busy time in your life, it’s best that you get packing sooner rather than later. After you purchase your equipment and materials, begin packing up those items you won’t need until you’re in your new place. Leave packing everyday items to last, so keep a couple of plastic boxes empty.

3.    Communicate with your removal company.
Ask the company you’ve booked with, which items their planning on moving into the van first. It’s most likely going to be large items of furniture, so if this is the case, try and arrange these items in your house in such a way that they’ll be easy to remove.

4.    Packing furniture.
When moving furniture into your new house, will it be able to fit through the doorways or windows? This is a question you must keep in mind when packing your furniture. If the doorways are small and you anticipate it’s going to be a tight squeeze, you may have to take your furniture apart as much as possible.

5.    Have a backup plan.
Things do go wrong from time to time, even with the best removal companies in Wimbledon and the SW19 area. Therefore it’s advisable that you have a plan B so that things can still go ahead on moving day. For example, if your moving company calls you up at the last minute to cancel, (they really shouldn’t because this would be really unprofessional, but if they do) then have a few back up options. Create a list of back up companies that you might be able to call at the last minute, or make sure you have a friend available on the day to help you and give you a lift.

6.    Ask your company if they’ll be providing any packing or covering protection for your items.
Most companies will have a load of blankets and protective coverings for your items in the back of their vans, which they’ll throw on top of your boxes and furniture to prevent anything getting scratched. If they don’t, you may want to think of getting some, however it shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve packaged your items appropriately.

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